Server Rules: Patron Survival

  1. This server is meant as a fun perk for those who support the show, but it is just that: a Perk. You’re not buying access to our Minecraft server. While I’d hate to have to do it, players who violate the rules will be removed from the server regardless of their support, so please read, understand and follow these simple rules.

  2. No Griefing When you come across someone else’s build or area, whether complete or not, it is not yours to break, take components of, or loot.

  3. Don’t Abuse Area Protections Use area protection to protect your stuff, but don’t overuse it. It can be frustrating if a user is trapped in your protection, or if your protection is setup in such a way that it impacts other players or blocks their ability to use their own area. For example, do not protect a house on top of a hill if someone is already building inside the hill. Doing so would protect their build in a way that they could no longer craft or build.

  4. Distant Builds Building in and near the main village (near spawn) is a group effort to create a community. Work within the guidelines of friendly play and try not to interfere with other players’ builds. HOWEVER, if you decide to travel beyond the village, respect that any builds you discover are claims to that land. If you find an island, for example, and see someone has built something there, move on. Do not mine or build anywhere another user has claimed. Look around, make sure the land has not been used by another player before you start your build.

  5. Creeper Explosions Are you the cause of a creeper explosion that resulted in damage to another player’s build? Do your best to repair it, or contact the player to let them know what happened. Do your best to help fix it. Don’t just keep going and leave their build in a wreck. If the damage is not able to be repaired to exact standards, contact the player and let them know what happened, and work with them to repair the damage.

  6. Reporting Violations or Concerns This is a friendly server. If another player has made it not friendly for you, let me know. I’ll address each issue as seems appropriate.

  7. Friendly and Collaborative Play Only Don’t attack other players. Don’t steal loot belonging to other players. Don’t taunt other players. Don’t damage other players’ builds. Just play nice. We’re all here to have fun and none of us like having our builds damaged by other players or our hard-earned loot being stolen.

  8. Limit 1 player per patron. Patrons who are giving $10 or more per month may DM me with special requests to add another player from their household.

Violation of rules or otherwise negatively impacting the experience of other players may result in your removal from the server, at the discretion of Category5 TV Network staff.

These rules are subject to change. There are no promises made or implied of reliability or ongoing operation of this server. This is just a fun perk for supporters and its being made available is 100% at the discretion of The Category5 TV Network (creators of Pinecraft Installer).