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Minecraft Java Server Installer optimized for Raspberry Pi, PINE64 and Other SBCs or Virtual Machines.

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Pinecraft Installer simplifies the installation and setup of a Minecraft Java Server.

If you have already installed this, running it again will allow you to upgrade.

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The installer will setup a “Normal” difficulty server and allow you to select between a Survival world complete with mobs, nether and more, or a Creative world to hone your skills as a master builder.

The installer attempts to detect things like how much RAM you have (and available), and adjusts the server settings based on what it finds.

Looking For Help? Pinecraft Installer installs Minecraft Java servers. If your question has to do with something other than installing a Minecraft server with Pinecraft Installer, the question likely is not for us. Questions surrounding gameplay, how to use a Minecraft server, etc., should be directed to the Minecraft documentation. Once your Minecraft server is installed, Pinecraft’s job is done.


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Those who support Pinecraft Installer on Patreon receive access to our exclusive high-performance Minecraft server.

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Pinecraft is developed by Robbie Ferguson for The Category5 TV Network.


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Pinecraft Installer and the code written specifically for it are licensed under GNU AGPLv3:

Third-party products or features included within Pinecraft Installer may have their own license. Please review their project pages for more information.