Area Protection


Our Patron servers use RP area protection mod.

How To Protect Your Build

You’ll need fences. A lot of them. And one sign. So, get chopping down trees to get the wood, then craft fences and signs.

  1. Place a fence border, square or rectangular (no odd shapes) around your build.

  2. Place a single sign atop one of the fence posts.

  3. Type [rp] on the first line and the name of your protection on the second line. If you’d like other players to have access to the area protection, place their name on the 3rd and 4th line, comma-separated.

  4. If successful, the sign will say Done. Otherwise, it will show an error and you can walk around the fence to find the error (it will have a new sign on it).

  5. Once complete, remove the sign and the fence.

Be very careful not to create inadvertent player traps. An example would be leaving the fence up: A user could place a dirt block on the outside of your fence and jump over it, but then would not be able to get out since they can’t place blocks nor break the fence.

Please carefully read and understand the rules surrounding area protection. Abuse of area protection could result in restricted access to this feature.

List Your Protected Areas

Type /rp list to list all your protected areas.


Once you know the area name from /rp list you can type /rp teleport Area_Name to teleport to Area_Name.

Add Others

You can add admins, members or leaders to your own protected areas.

Go inside your protected area and type:

Add a member: /rp addmember username

Add an admin: /rp addadmin username

Add a leader: /rp addleader username

Remove A Protected Area

Where Area_Name is the name from the list of the area to remove:

/rp delete Area_Name /rp yes